We offer a full sales service for all Welker products and maintain an extensive range of Welker spares in our dedicated stores here in Insch, Aberdeenshire.

Technical Advice

We are available for Technical Advice, Assistance and Consultancy work with regards all Welker manufactured equipment.


Wild Technical Services Ltd is the only authorised and certified Welker Service Centre in the UK. All personnel who work in our Service Centre are fully factory trained and individually certified by Welker Inc at their headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas, USA. We can Service, Repair, Test and Certify all Welker equipment.

Commitment to Quality

We have been ISO 9002 Certified since 1996. All of our personnel are Welker factory trained to provide you with the best service possible.


Environmental Policy

Policy Statement


Wild Technical Services Ltd will conduct all of its business operations with complete respect and consideration both within our headquarters and on site.


To further this policy we will :-


Minimise Environmental Impact

  • Understanding the environmental sensitivity of all sites in which we operate.
  • Ensuring that we make efficient and responsible use of energy and natural resources.
  • We use appropriate reclamation and remediation practices at all sites at which we operate eg. We use local environmental waste and recycling centres whenever possible.
  • We limit our production of waste, discharges and emissions.


Public Awareness

  • We will demonstrate our commitment to our Environmental Policy through environmental excellence.
  • We will maintain communication with all interested parties to increase awareness of the effects of our activities.
  • We will ensure that we are completely responsive to public attitudes and/or concerns.


Environmental Performance Management

  • We address all environmental concerns in all phases of our activities.
  • We commit appropriate resources to ensure that we meet all applicable laws, standards and regulations.
  • We constantly review our procedures and practices to maintain compliance with our policy and to continously improve our environmental performance.
  • Where appropriate we ensure that our staff and/or contractors are fully trained to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  • We maintain a documented environmental management system and keep appropriate records.
  • We ensure that all appropriate audits, inspections, reviews and follow-up actions are planned and carried out.
  • We actively encourage contractors, suppliers and customers to conduct their business with complete environmental responsibility.


Environmental Packaging Policy


At Wild Technical Services Ltd we understand the impact that the packaging we use has on the environment and are therefore committed to continously sourcing and using environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible.


  • Air Strips - These biodegradeable air cushions reduce the plastic pollution and the volume of plastic going to landfill.  These air cushions can be recycled in the appropriate waste stream or recycled in home or commercial composting facilities.
  • Bubble Bags - As above, these bubble bags are biodegradeable so again resulting in a reduction in plastic pollution and therefore can be recycled in the appropriate wast stream or recycled in home or commercial composting facilities.
  • Crumpled Paper - The paper we use is 100% recycled, neutral pH kraft paper and is recyclable and biodegradeable. Please recycle.
  • Loose Fill - 'EcoFlo' is 100% biodegradeable, made from sustainable raw materials in a low energy manufacturing process. Please re-use this loose fill, recycyle with cardboard, paper or recycle through composting.
  • Outer Boxes - All of our outer boxes are made from 100% recyclable board, therefore contributing to reductions in carbon emissions and landfill waste. These outer boxes are recyclable to please treat these as you would your other cardboard waste.


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Glynn Wild


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01464 821273


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